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True & personal stories of our country.

INSPIRED by the  fabrics we've held close.

HONORED through audio diaries.

TRANSFORMED into original art.

At the completion of the project, every US state and territory will be represented.

Repurposed Denim

These are likely not the stories that will ever make headlines or the history books. And that's exactly why we're telling them. They're a reflection of who we are in our everyday lives -- our values, our dreams, our fears, our joys and woes, the experiences that inform our beliefs, the experiences from which we grow -- and what makes us whole.

Akwi Nji, Artist + Creator of The Remoir Project


The fabrics that hold within them memories from homes across America


At a time when fabric was being used as a barrier -- in the form of masks as a protective agent against a virus -- we wanted to reimagine fabric as a connector.

How can we repurpose the fabrics (that are maybe just taking up space in our homes) into symbols of the stories they hold? And then how can we honor why we've held onto them so long? The answers were clearly about connection -- connecting human to human and state to state and experience to experience.

And also, yes, connecting with one another in some social/emotional fashion despite 'social' distancing.

Fabric Scissors


Born from the midst of pandemic and politics was a reminder that we're all mostly everyday people trying to make sense of our world in the best way we know how. 

And our values, beliefs, principles, prejudices, hopes, and dreams are born from a culmination of mundane and equally unique experiences. 

Our differences transcend geography to tell a story in which our shared humanity exists. With The Remoir Project, we're working to transform household remnants of our everyday stories into catalysts for understanding.

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