26 years old. What were you doing at 26 years old? What do you hope for your children at the 26th year of life? For Black men (for whom murder at the hands of police is a leading cause of death) and women, their late 20s comes with an unimaginable weight. And yet, we lean into a beautiful life we know we have every right to live.


Breonna Taylor was 26 years old when she was killed on March 13, 2020, by a police officer who, unknowlingly, was at the wrong address and also entered without warning and without identyfing himself as law enforcement. The details of the travesty that occurred are clear; why the officer(s) involved in her murder have not yet faced charges is not clear. 


According to the reserach conducted by the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University in 2019, black men and women are at the highest risk of being killed by police between the ages of 25-29. Between the ages of 25-29 -- just when the world should feel our oyster. #justiceforbreonna


5w x 8h x 1d; sculpted wood, stone, linen, cotton, tulle, gold, tweed; unframed