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The Journey presented, so timely, to me in two different pieces in an anthology titled Cries of the Spirit:

"The Journey" by Mary Oliver

"The Journey" (excerpt) by Lillian Smith:

"Without words, it comes. And suddenly, sharply, one is aware of being separated from every person on one's earth and every object, and from the beginning of things and from the future and even a little, from one's self. A moment before one was happily playing, the world was round and friendly. Now at one'e feet there are chasms that had been invisible until this moment. And one knows, and never remembers how it was learned, that there will always be chasms, and across the chasms will always be those one loves."


I love this excerpt for so many reasons, but I couldn't help but think about Lillian Smith's words in the context of COVID and the distance (or chasms) that was forced between loved ones so suddenly.


unframed; 5.25w x 8h x 1d; tweed, cotton, tulle, linen, hemp, natural stone, wood beads

The Journey