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If you're ready to part with your remnant, here's how to contribute!

Donate Your Remnant

Participants who are ready to permanently part with their remnant or fabric will ship the piece to us. We'll then deconstruct the piece and incorporate it into original art that honors the story/memory represented in the fabric.


This can be a highly emotional experience, so please be sure you're ready to permanently release this piece of your past into the world to be transformed into new art. The goal is that your piece of fabric -- and the story it honors --  eventually lives on in a new home (after exhibition in our in-person or online gallery) as a source of joy to someone else and a symbol of our interconnectedness. 

The person whose remnant was used in the original art that's created from the donated fabric will have the first opportunity to purchase the finished piece. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of the art are donated to a charitable organization of the donor's choosing. 

The Remoir Project
c/o Akwi Nji
329 10th Ave SE Ste 219
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

We Can't Tell Your Story without You!

In order to honor the story of your fabric remnants or items made of fabric, we need to know your story! You can remain anonymous to the public, if you wish. But we'll need you to connect with Akwi so that she can hear your story. Thank you for helping us tell our nation's stories, one home, one state, one memory at a time.

Girl Running with Flag

By transforming donated fabrics and remnants into original artworks that serve as visual representations of one person's or family's memories, The Remoir Project reminds us, in a very tangible form, of the breadth and depth of the human experience and what it means to be American.

Akwi Nji, Artist + Creator of The Remoir Project

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